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LunarFest 2018: Celebrating the year of the dog

Today is the last day to celebrate the year of the dog at the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery from 11 am to 6 pm.

This is a multi-cultural festival including food, cultural demonstrations, crafts, music, fortune telling and more. Don’t worry about the weather, because the event is under a tent. (Dogs are allowed, of course.)

Chinese chess game
Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)

Paper lanterns
Visitors had the opportunity to make dog lanterns or regular lanterns.
Fortunes being written on decorative paper
After determining your fortune by shaking a Kau Cim bucket, your fortune is written for you on decorative paper.
Noriko Kobayashi explains the shamisen
Noriko Kobayashi played the shamisen a three-stringed Japanese instrument that is plucked like a guitar.


Mongolian yurt replica
A replica of a traditional Mongolian yurt.


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